I use an array of materials and artifacts relating to specific geographical locations - local maps, wax from nearby beehives, pigments from the muds, earths, plants and charcoal, debris found along the strandlines of shores and riverbanks both rural and urban. With these materials I create work that embodies a sense of place, totems of landscapes I know and love.

My work references a range of inspirations including the topography and history of a place and its ever-changing environment, from the shifting tides to the effect of man on the landscape, to man himself and the shared visual language of natural forms.


The work by British artist Tessa Grundon is permeated by a sense of relaxation and peacefulness, conveyed by the natural materials that she uses to create: bees wax, earths, muds, tree barks, pigments made out of dried flowers.
The outcome is abstract creations of a calming quality, like looking at the distant horizon of a landscape. Even when at times the composition becomes geometric, like for the Residuum Series, yet it doesn’t appear as mechanic but naturally organic.