Color field oil painting by Martin Canin. Link to Martin Canin's page.



Arco Gallery was founded by Valentina Puccioni in 2014. Born in Florence, Italy, Valentina graduated from the University of Siena with a Masters in contemporary art history. She established Arco Gallery to create a bridge between artists and collectors, independent of trends and market pressure. Arco Gallery actively participates in the art fair scene. The gallery’s dedicated website offers collectors from all over the world the opportunity to buy art with confidence through a virtual format.

Arco Gallery represents European, North and South American contemporary artists. The gallery’s inventory includes abstract as well as figurative artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and black-and-white photography.

Arco Gallery has a long-established reputation for collaborating with artists who work on commission, creating artworks that are specifically conceived to address personal requests from our clients, to perfectly fit interior as well as exterior spaces.

We understand how difficult coming to a final decision on the purchase of an artwork can be. For this reason we offer the possibility to first view the artwork in your private location before the final purchase. Should the artwork be of very large dimensions, we will create a "virtual installation" that allows clients to “preview” the final installation of the artwork.

We offer complimentary delivery and installation for NYC address.

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